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I.E.S. - Industria Espansi Sinterizzati


I.E.S. - Industria Espansi Sinterizzati, company of the SelectWork Consorzio Group, was born from the acquisition of the previous DEVI S.p.A.
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Impianti per la lavorazione di Polipropilene e Polistirene Espanso


The Besana Brianza plant is equipped for the processing of polypropylene foam, polystyrene foam, Styrene / maleic anhydride, Polystyrene Antistatic, polystyrene lambda improved.
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Tecniche di stampaggio Polistirene e Polipropilene Espanso


Research & development sector is one of the key point of IES Group, qualifying it as one of the few companies actively pursuing this strategy.
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Struttura Tecnica IES - Industria Espansi Sinterizzati


The IES technical structure is composed by a team of highly skilled people engaged in the research and development laboratory and at the 'technical department with responsibility for quality control of products.
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The commitment to the environment is an essential component of our culture. IES plants have optimized the consumption of resources and energy in production processes.
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Lavorare in IES - Industria Espansi Sinterizzati


Human resources are one of the most important asset for IES Group, representing experience and culture; their development is an objective that brings IES working diligently with daily commitment.
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Assistenza clienti IES - Industria Espansi Sinterizzati

Support Services

IES provides every customer with an accurate service, specific to the individual needs: from detailed design of the molds to their construction, from testing to the production of the required items...
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Brevetti per lo stampaggio di manufatti espansi


Investment in research and development, have enabled IES to produce several patents, both for products and technology, most of which are already widespread and recognized in Europe and the United States
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